1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nYesterday I forgot the salt realized that after submitting it.  hmm may need to work it longer and better as the effect while there seems minimal.  so anyway SLSSS tonight. had a scare part way into set up something in the house fell over I jumped up to see what it was. Just the dog knocking over a statue. oh tonight to I tried at the last second before I started the set-up I tried to tap into my talisman.  (no noticeable effect) Santa came we chatted some a bit of follow up from yesterday. He even commented on the idea that this could be made-up he didn’t feel made -up but that didn’t mean anything. Also that he could just be a manifestation of my ideal “God” in the idea of the all gods are one god thing from Wicca and some of my earlier books. He said he hadn’t gone to Andrieh’s yet waiting for the OK from me. So I gave it. Then noticing how scatter brained I was Santa helped coach me deeper into trance to the point I could see the Christmas lights twinkling through my eye lids.  the room was like I was looking around with out my glasses but we got me to a very deep trance which was Nice I even saw Santa and gave his beard a tug. Just before that my mind slipped and I saw a giant (human sized) snake it seems cartoony now but it startled me. I asked Santa about it and he figured I had come out of the trance enough that the fear my upbringing put into me was trying to get to me again. I just recalled something similar happened right as we went under Santa had me light the fire in the fireplace and that went fine but as he had me focus on the dancing flames, fear gripped me. hard enough to make me want to run from the scene (I was afraid that by focusing on the flames I’d make them real in RL or increase the chance of something catching fire.) he just soothed me and told me to go deeper it was just the fear that was put in me trying to scare me. so much of this writing seems inadequate I hope ya’ll are getting something out of it I know I am.

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