1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nTonight SLSSS, just by raising my hand and speaking from the heart I got one of the strongest summonings I’ve had yet.  Santa appeared as was quite impressed, he sat and I thanked him (this part seems odd to him as it is still stiff and formal. need to work on that) blessed the food and had a crick form in my neck in between the milk and cookies but I managed to Banish the pain away. I then asked Santa about why he hasn’t showed up in my dreams. He said he can’t. then I told him I would put us in a truth circle and ask again OK? he was fine with this. so i did and asked again he says he can’t, by the time you’ve been going to bed you are so exhausted you have no energy left to dream. heck the one you had this week left you gasping for air and then you barely remember that. Also you’re not ready for that. dream working with someone takes a lot. You can do it but you need to develop more first. you’ve done a lot calling and holding me. but this is just your first time doing spirit work. I nodded then asked well I am curious then since you didn’t show up last night, to put it bluntly, what can I use you for? he thought for a moment and said I am a wish granter, physical things are the easiest and the closer to Christmas the better. I can’t give you magical powers, not in the way St. Nicholas could or Odin. I can help you train in them but my magic I have is more just the magic of living it is intuitive so maybe I can help you develop the powers you have like we already have but I can’t give you techniques or sigils like the others. Wishes are my main thing though no strings or feedback, though to get them you must be a good boy,  otherwise coal  “what does that mean?” Basically I’ll give you the raw material and you will have to find the good in it.  can’t do healing really I mean I got the Christmas miracle but that is Christmas. Honestly that is when most of the “prayers” to me are answered it is a long haul with a reward at the end. I’ve never had an adult really work with me before now so I don’t know it is really what ever you want me to do.  Just don’t rely on me, I am like you I ain’t the guy you ask for the money for the rent I am the one you ask for the jet ski you been looking at. or at least that one thing and will solve all your problems. think of me the way others do their gods, there is a reason they describe it as ” thinking of them like Santa” I can help you with travel but not safety mine is a quick trip. I’m not the guy you ask for the lotto numbers I could show you how to scry but that is only what is or has been then you could figure out how to change that to see the future. I can be your friend, I can give you someone to spar with. I can even help bring joy, wonder, innocence, kindness in to your life. Just I don’t want you to become addicted to me. “I’m sorry I feel Like I am disappointing you by asking this” he said he was sorry because he thought I was disappointed in him. he continues If I could give you the universe I would but I have top be true to myself. what did you expect from this working I don’t have a portfolio like the other ones. though isn’t that what you wanted not some one you were meeting just for the power but to try and build a relationship with. You’ve spent almost 30 days doing this. you could of spent that time with Aradia or some other Deity. “I don’t trust her. I trust you I feel safe here doing this working with you.” He smiled at that . He told me how to petition him for things and stressed not to do so often and I would know the size of the offering. I asked him if he’d help me when I went to go meet other spirits and he was a bit hesitant but he agreed. though he reminded me he would need an offering to with the one for that spirit nothing as big but something would be nice. Also he said though he would be trying to push me out so I could fly solo pretty fast.  some where He said he can help with weather but mostly just in calming it or making gentle snow. I still felt bad at the end of all this and he told me there is nothing wrong with asking a spirit what it can do. and if one does have a problem with you doing that then be careful they may not be one you should work with. “I also said I am worried that I am just talking to myself did I just make this all up then an Idea came that I should send Santa to Andreih Santa seemed fine with this though we agreed to wait till I got his permission. Then knowing I wanted to write this down Santa headed out but not before taking me back into the circle to tell me he was proud of the work I’d done and that he thinks I am a great sorcerer. we embraces and he left. I closed down the area and asked if Santa was a part of it and got a resounding NO. (I had been asking if this was real a few times tonight, and every time I got the right answer. Also some where in here I had to work around Ron Jeremy singing wreaking ball. I listened to that before doing the ritual and it ear wormed) Anyways closes and cleared and hit my singing bowl and the striker fell off for the 2nd time.

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