1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_n Tonight I sis SLSSS. the Call is getting better. It feels more powerful. more of the same thanking Santa for showing and blessing the cookies and milk. We chatted a lil bit and then I asked him for any thing to aid in summoning him. He seemed hesitant I asked what was up and he said it was just that he knew I wouldn’t use it so why bother. I apologized but he said it ain’t your fault but you will be in someone else’s house again for Christmas and you have a hard enough time just leaving out the milk and cookies. Remember not to eat those I will be busy that night so just leave them out for me. then he listed a few things for me to look into (sorry he said I can’t put them here he doesn’t want a lot of other folks knowing how to get a hold of him) after a few he said it was time to go and before he left he did request me to smoke my pipe for him. then he headed out and I cleaned up and banished.

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