1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nTonight I did SLSSS. Summoned Santa as usually though right before the summoning I got the idea of becoming a dedicate of Santa. Before I could even summon Santa I got a resounding NO from him and the feeling that he’d explain better once the summoning was done. So now summoned and thanked and the food blessed. So I asked him why not, to which he replied. If I did take you on you’d think all your power came from me instead of from within you. I like you but I ain’t looking for dedicates or people to be a “patron” of. I asked him If I should take his image off my alter then. he said no that it was fine it is a fitting image for my god. He is here as my friend more then any other thing. after that I asked him to look into helping heal don kraig. Next we both noticed my focus was lacking and he helped train me on focus some. Then seeing the bigger picture I am too tired to focus he decided to head out.  I cleared and tonight I will see him in my dreams.

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