1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nToday Was different I did the same thing SLSSS (Salt,laugh,snow, setup,summon) Today though Santa was different he looks more well real I actually noticed different parts of him instead of just seeing a wishy washy amalgam of Santa this was the man standing before me. I told him in the summoning that this would be a quicky. He understood we ate but then before he left he said that he likes the honesty and straight forwardness of it that I wasn’t simpering apologetically for being a quick one that I was honestly had to go but I made the time and with sad that the visit was short it was like when you can only sit and haveĀ  coffee break with a friend for a minute. He also gave me some wisdom for dealing with other beings (this may even apply to people) if they demand you give them time when you can’t don’t trust them. It is one thing if the time is because of a deal you made and you are fulfilling your end. Then do it regardless because that is what you agreed to. Know what you are agreeing to Gifts shouldn’t come with strings but if they do refuse them. if they try and ass strings or bind you up with the ones you accept refund it send it back. Those worth working with will work with you. you are a powerful little sorcerer and the strings connect both parts but they can pull very hard and I don’t want you to get hurt be careful. with that he went up the chimney and I closed down and banished. I wish I knew how to just channel the words directly onto the page. so you could read exactly what he said.

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