1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nToday was hilarious. Since I am in a time crunch Today I offered my lunch to Santa as well as OMG the best cookie evar. I did a batch in a muffin tine so it made lil cups (let them cool fully and don’t reheat or if so not much. I did and one fell apart) so I had warm chocolate chip cookie bowl which I spooned warm honey into then added cool manilla ice cream and drizzles a lil bit of warm homey on top of that. I think I surprised Santa with how good it was that gods I only had 1 it is a sugar bomb.

Ok back to the nitty gritty did the usual salt,laugh,snow,set-up and then called. I focused on the passion and it was better still don’t trust my heart enough to let it just speak as I fear that I will say the wrong thing and call the wrong being. Santa sat down in his chair and I blessed the sandwhich, tea, cookies, and milk. then we ate we tried trading samaches as he had roast beef and salami almost got the flavors of mine to change too much mustard on mine anyways ^.^ Then I Had the OMG COOKIE and after one bite I urged him to try his he was floored we had cream in both our beards and it was glorious I felt like a lil kid scarfing down a treat before I was caught with it. during all this I asked Santa about his thoughts on gift exchanges like they do at Christmas parties. he had some interesting ideas but I am holding on to those unless I hear ya’ll want to read em 😉 then we wrapped it up and I headed to write this.

maybe it is a play on the idea that the words sound so much better in my head then they do when I speak them why I have stopped talking out loud with Santa.

Also does anyone else have the “dark night of the soul thing happen during the full moon? I find that Ironic the darkest night occurs during the actually brightest night.

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