1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nTonight did the salt laugh snow and set up as per usual. the connection is getting really nice and the development of those is starting to be just perfect.  Though I did notice keeping the words in my head instead of speaking then did help to. it is like inside my head they always sound right it is when I try to speak them that it gets off. I Summoned Santa and immediately figured one of the problems with my call lately it is the references I had to him as a spirit that were the problem there is something in there that for me triggers Ideas of the dead or something more ephemeral and less substantial then Santa is. After Santa showed and I dedicated the food to him and it’s consumption to his honor. ( that last bit is new but the flavor is right.) Tonight I sat on Santa’s lap and we talked about my hopes and dream what I want out of life in general we chatted for about an hour. then he got up and headed to the fire place. I asked him if he enjoyed this and add tell me truthfully. as I did I sensed a lil mote of light leap from my finger and become a circle of truth around him. He chuckles and I apologized but he did say he liked hear my hopes and dreams and he had a wonderful time getting to know me more. them he tried to say his hair was pink just to prove the circle was working (cute thing I saw the circle trying to change his hair to pink so it would be true.) I took up the circle and he headed home as I shut it all down and came back and cleansed.

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