1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nGood Grief tonight was a deep one I want to blame it on the full moon. ok tonight I did the salt banish and then the laugh it felt great getting all 7 chakras laughing and the 8 directions it just makes me swim as the power flys around me. cleaned as usual and then I set up the house and  summoned Santa today I kept the words inside and also I called out to my friend Santa Claus. Between the two changes it felt a lot more powerful then when I tried to speak it seemed less powerful. he came and I thanked him for coming and deicated the cookies and milk. Then we decided to not break out connect four tonight as Santa remarked the other day that I spend more time looking at it then looking at him. SO we sat and chatted (what happens when you ask your entities about their life?) he was curious what would happen when this is over as he wants to see me when I ain’t worried about how to report this and creating content then just letting go and just focus on experiencing. We got on to some personal stuff in my life  really bummed me out and I was sorry for my life being so depressing. Part of it  as you already should know deals with the way I am paranoid.  Santa asked me to trust him things would be alright and then suddenly I said “I do trust you I just don’t trust myself” this I found to be very sad. Santa just held me for a while and then he turned to me and gave me something he knew I still needed to write this so he had me open my mouth and placed a snow flake under my tounge it was big and ornate then he made to get up but noticing I was still sad he turned to me and I said I’m sorry people don’t think Santa work can be deep but it is. he dais this was good taht I got it out he wants to talk more with me and I tell him so do I but I don’t want it to always just be about this deep stuff I want it to be about the lighter things too talking to you about lil silly things and having fun like when we rolled that ball back and forth. he looks at me and asks if I’d like to do that now? I nod and he has me start it off with a lil blue marble, it grows back and forth till it is about bowling ball sized. Then he had me Hold onto it and repeat after him ” I dedicate this to Chip so that he will be happy so he will know that he is loved by the gods his friends and family and me. (I think that was it but it sounds off now how do ya’ll get around that?) Then I absorbed the ball and ate it all then I hugged Santa and he vanished up the chimney I cleared the space and laughed and bannished

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