1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nTonight I did the salt banish and then laughter, clear, and set up then summoned Santa. I tried some now phrases. Tonight I attempted a dum supper of sorts. basically after the evocation I tried to go into a zen/ no mind state where I was silent I also made a point to not let either of us use my vocals. I came up with the idea last night as I felt that I was talking too much. Santa comes in sees what’s going on and even though he knew he was noticeably uncomfortable with the silence. we tried to play games and snack as usual but after a while he was upset the silence gave him nothing to interact with it was odd. like he wasn’t use to having the floor or talking for long. He also reacted with insecurity worried that I was upset or trying to test him.  I finally said I’m sorry with my vocals and it felt stronger more genuine/ powerful. He was fine after that I packed up and got ready to head out. we chatted a lil bit about how he was ok with me talking a lot as he is use to it when lil kids tell him about their favoritist toy.  after that my mind slipped some as I realized that this weekend will be difficult if I go to my boyfriends place to keep up the working but I will just have to make it work. anyways I also have noticed I am more distracted wonder if it had to do with the full moon?

another question how do you summon a god if you use a paradigm where you are a god too?

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