1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nwell today I did a banishing on my room to clear out the negativity. Using a mixture of water, epsom salt, vinegar, and basil. What are the correspondences of vinegar? I think of it as a cleaner from when I was a kid and my mom used it to clean windows. though lately and looking back on time when I use four theivies vinegar (today was just white distilled) it makes everything harsher. like in removing the shit it won’t take no shit either. What are ya’lls experiences? I went back over the room sprinkling pure basil and that mellowed everything back out. Before tonight’s ritual I did the salt banishing with epsom salts then laughing banish I like the effect of making the chakras laugh. did the snow clean and then made up the meeting place. called Santa and had a tiny issue I don’t know if it is a problem or not I was calling Santa and using his titles and declaring who I was calling. when my brain just disconnected it was like the current was just cut I continued the words but they seemed just words. Santa still showed I dedicated all the food and the consumption there of to Santa so i didn’t have to do it before every bite. we sat and just chatted tonight talked about things in his neck of the woods, we played more connect four. the cookies I made today were so much better then the ones before but still future warning the toll house pre-made squares ain’t great they good it is just it seems they make the dough then add the topping on top of the hardened cookie dough. of course thankfully Santa ain’t picky though fully home made even done badly is still endearing. I am really tired from the late nights this weekend and Santa noticed it to. so after getting my ass handed to me by Santa in connect four. we started wrapping things up. I had an interesting Idea for later (maybe Monday) of doing a dumb supper type thing. the main part being I shut up internally and externally and just let what come come. what do ya’ll think?

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