1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_nWell tonight was just a bucket full of awesome if I do say so myself. forgot the salt this time kept all the same for the laughter, clean, and build I am so getting rid of another song on my play list. Christmas at Hogwarts ain’t cutting it. I may have to bite the bullet and buy “Now that’s what I call Christmas” just so I can get the “right” music. tonight i set up for a picnic in the house I made for this rendezvous. Called Santa and he actually took a minute to pop in I surprised him he was expecting me around midnight since I have been that late all this week. so we sat down and even though I had cleaned I start in complaining about what I felt were some ungrateful people in my life and asking Santa {is anybody reading this just to see if i’ll mistype his name 😉 } how he deals with it. In perfect fashion he said nothing, what i mean is he said nothing and let me work it out he just sat there and listened. I ain’t even sure what I figured out I think it was something along the lines of “Even though with time they will forget all that you (Santa) do for them. they still have those memories, those stories, that experience. no the people you give something to tonight may not be grateful come the morning but that is not why you give. Give to make others lives happier/brighter even for just a brief moment. Wow it is amazing how much silence can say.  during this we started playing connect four again. I didn’t even realize what was happening, and I still don’t really know it is just suddenly I realized I was no longer angry. I tried to go back into it to get back to the subject that had me raging for a good 30 minutes before I started the ritual. It was like I’d lost the steam. I wasn’t even depressed or disappointed like usual when I come down from a rant. I was just neutral. there was some banter about the game, offerings and how to do them. Then something personal came up (sorry folks just between me and Santa) he was hurt a little by it because this ain’t suppose to be a tit for tat kind of deal. he was here and listening to me and because he wanted to because he cares and wants us to be friends. Then my mine over compensated and worried that I was trying to manipulate him. Which just made him laugh he told remember the song (he knows if you’ve been bad or good) chuckling harder he says there that is a way to prove I am Santa cause You won’t be able to manipulate me.we sit there and play some more he talks about how I ain’t the first kid to bribe Santa nor the first adult.which brings to mind the idea of doing this, this year to get awesomer presents. like so http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVEsfnHZ02c He told me he likes seeing the adults leave out stuff as much if not more then the kids because when an adult does it it is for themselves they are trying to catch that moment of child like wonder at the world and for just one night they try to stop being an “adult” a believe in Santa again. We chatted a bit about the more adult items that have been left for him and the idea of gifts in general these days and then we both got up and headed out but to our homes.

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