1533943_10201853064263236_1620991625_n Tonight I did the salt banishing again (can that kill a septic system?) Tonight I started with the Santa trick from my energy work and then opened the gate. and then started to laugh. while I am unsure about the laughter the connection did seem deeper afterward. Then I cleaned and went to my tree and set up for Santa and called him in. He wrapped his big coat around me because I was cold instead of hanging it up. tonight I tried more formally offering the cookies before eating them. (Has anybody else done that where they consume the offering?) (Also if it is an offering then do you still get the calories?)  Tonight I baked fresh some peanut butter chunk cookie and milk. Once Santa got there and we ate, tonight was a short one I asked him how he stood the cookies these were salty. Yuck. (Also has anyone noticed when doing spirit work the entity talks through you, literally? It is like I am sitting here eating a cookie and then words I didn’t form spring forth from my lips.) Santa seemed eager to play sadly it is too late for me. I asked him what was in his profolio I heard gifts, joy, justice. then he said I was trying too hard to make it form just let it come. then my mind slipped we decided to call it so with a hug I bid Santa farewell. closed up and laughed to bannish. now my other journal.

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