The ritual I’m using: Full Moon ritual developed by Jenne Micale and shared on the Henge of Keltria.

Well, the end of this challenge was more a whimper than a “Hoo-rah!” I’m fighting off some round of creeping crud (I’ve got sick beasties at home with headaches and nausea; and I just can’t get warm). I did the ritual for the last three nights, and then went to bed before posting here.

Days 27 and 28 saw me working on the carry-bag for the finished necklace using the threads I had left over from the preparation steps. It will take me a few more days to finish as I didn’t work on it last night. I had enough juice to do the ritual before going to bed.

The energy felt more subtle last night. I attribute that to my own ‘meh’ energy levels and the waning moon. I learned a lot from these thirty days — my thoughts are duly recorded and noted. When I’m feeling better, I will be revisiting them and putting them together in a post. I also feel my relationship with Manannán mac Lir has moved into new levels for the good. I will be continuing to journal that in my posts on Fódhla and the inner realms.

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