Okay, so I am a little late to the party on this one. Life had kinda kicked my ass last year, and I am just getting back on track. I am ready to delve into this full throttle!

The way I have decided to do this challenge is probably the most hard core magic I’ve ever done. I’m a little intimidated by this, but it will be awesome. Let’s start with some details before I explain the ritual.

I don’t wear a pent. This is for several reasons. It is a loaded symbol first of all. I know what it means, but those I encounter on a daily basis may not. As much as I shouldn’t care what others think, I still need to interact with others. The pent is also really not a Celtic symbol. As most of what I do is incredibly Celtic, it seems I should be wearing something more Celtic as my talisman. I choose, instead, to wear the Brigid’s Cross instead.

About a month ago, I was hired for a new job, which I actually really enjoy, and which I find very spiritually fulfilling. I work full time midnights in palliative care. This means, from 11pm-7am every night, I sit by the bedside of a dying person, and allow them to die in their home, instead of in a nursing home or hospital. In many ways, I am a spiritual midwife, assisting the elderly to be born into the next life. Manannan, my Patron, is the Celtic equivalent to the Charon, the Greek ferry man who takes the dead to the underworld, or in the case of the Celts, across the ocean and into the West. But, being that I work midnights, 90% of y job is sitting quietly, in the almost dark, waiting for my client to need me for something. The biggest rule is that I cannot fall asleep. I have 7/8 hours to occupy my time. This gives me lots of time to read and meditate.

So, what have I chosen to do? In many ways, I am combining all three challenges into one. Brigid is a Celtic goddess related to healing, hearth and home, and creativity. In many ways, though she is a warrior, she embodies a motherly love.

I have chosen, between 3:30 and 4:30, every day, to invoke, not evoke, the Goddess Brigid. Essentially, ritual possession while I am at work.

I did this last night and I had resounding success!

I started by banishing with Andrieh’s waterfall meditation. then, I started calling Brigid silently. She was waiting for me to start. It did not take long before she arrived. I condensed my own spirit to the base of my spine, and invited Brigid in, starting at the Talisman around my neck, and allowing her to radiate through my whole body.

I was overwhelmed with a feeling of intense love! Not romantic love, but a divine, motherly-type love. I just sat there, basking in love, as Brigid took over,condensing the love into the Talisman around my neck.

There got to be a point where it became too much, and it was time for the ritual to end. I just felt like it was time. My spirit which was condensed in the base of my spine began to expand, and Brigid departed. I banished again with the waterfall meditation and went back to my shift. I admit, it wasn’t the full 30 minutes, but it was a damned good start.

There is a chance that, during my possession, my client could require care. In that case, instead of being cared for by Caroline the PSW, they would be cared for by Brigid, the Celtic Goddess of healing. This would be an incredible blessing to the client.

So, that’s my plan for challenge three.

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