Day 32:

Connection went better today. Especially with my left hand… right one still fucked. Circular sanding. Most of the rough clean-up is done. Took a few hours. Shoulda been napping, but oh, well. Was asking around for opinions on exactly the feel of the nonsymmetrical handle/bails and all I got was QA on progress (ah-HA found a slight ding right…. *rotate and squint* there….). Not exactly what I wanted. Guess I’ll go with whatever moves me… probably some air/cloud theme since that seems to be a thing lately… predictable gestalt be damned! Oh and they won’t match… no they won’t! Bwhahah!

Ritual: Focused intent on motivation and inspiration for 30 mins while chanting the mantra “ufnav cebjh rwipoet wil ymsit” whilst I construct the piece

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