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The the Pre-Work that went into this is as follows:

 So first I went to the woods to retrieve my stone I was working with to be the heart.  Traveling through the cemetery, to the forest.  Attempt 1: Damn cemetery was so crowded, and the minute I walked in some bulldozers and shit came right to where I was going to go.    A little about this cemetery that I didn’t know.  The forest sits on top a large hill that drops off to a pretty raging river next to the cemetery.  The whole area has natural gas reserves so they have a pump to make sure it doesn’t blow up ( Simbi Makaya is associated with fire too, this was just a bonus to the forest since I asked him to guide my hand).  So first time, FAIL

photo 2The second time in the day, I had people just drop me off.  Then

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I cast a impromptu hiding spell.  I paid the cemetery and the forest.  The forest was humming with activity.  There were a couple animals and the pump to prevent the area from blowing up from the natural gas was actually on.  I went to the spot I buried the carnelian.

Some odd things had happened between week.  I didn’t pack the dirt down and yet it was as if the dirt had been there a while.  40 minutes of chopping at solid clay, I finally found the stone.  It buzzed.  I paid the tree for watching over it.

I took the stone home, through the cemetery which is huge, and through a few crossroads… all of which I paid.

There was the spot. So you know it happened.  Now later in the night I did the following ritual to empower the heart and make this work.

  • Set up an altar, bless it with florida water.
  • Sing for Legba, offer rum.
  • Rub red palm oil on the stone.
  • Place the stone in metal bowl with florida water and Whiskey.
  • Sing for Simbi Makaya Repeatedly for 30 minutes while the fire is going.
  • Remove the hot stone with tongs to the Simbi Makaya home.
  • Offer a breath while in a nearly invoked state to Simbi Makaya
  • Offer a breath while in a nearly invoked state ( aka the edge of pocession) to Simbi Makaya
  • Offer Simbi some whiskey and cigarrettes.
  • As the ritual is closing down, put the lid on the pot.

Very likely, this will ritual will be the empowerment I will use.  I may still put together a lamp, but it seemed like this fits.

Now other things, I added 9 coffin nails to Simbi’s Pot, and leaves I had collected.  AKA Simbi’s magical weapons,  there a couple things I am missing, and I am sure he will let me know.  Though this is the ritual so far, there is still a few things to do with the pot.  first, got to draw the Veve on the pot and will attach a green small ribbon to the top.

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