So To review:

So last week my fine adventurers, I had gone to an area to bury the heart of my talisman at the borderlands of the Forest and the Cemetery ( which happened to be on the edge of a River).

So provided I can find it in the forest, where I had marketed it.





Now I have some additional materials.


I have a black cord which I will tie around the lip of the jar ( after I wax this with Red Palm oil).  I plan to tie a coffin nail with a piece of forest wood that I have to find as well get some Whiskey.  I have to paint the Veve on the pot.    Lots and lots of running and for the most part my mediumship is going ok, not the best.

I have had other incidents going on, too…    So tomorrow morning, I will start.

  1. Hit the forest/cemetery.  Hopefully get lucky with the forest search.
  2. work out a nice formula/oil and get the lamp going.  The stone heart has to pass through the fire every day.  Songs a singing.. doing the deal.

So it should be a adventurous day today, starting on the pwen work.