So I’ve decided I’m going to give the Mars talisman another go. This time I’m rather more organized. This talisman is going to be in the form of a two-inch iron disk which will be painted with the Magic Square of Mars on one side and a Mars sigil I retrieved in a journey on the other. The sigil is specifically for Invoking the fiery energy of Mars within (oneself) in balance.

What I’ve done so far over the past few weeks:

I came up with a ‘mantra’ I will say during the daily charging ritual. It consists of five names of Mars, five being a number associated with Mars:

Stella Martis, Mars Adsertor, Mars Conservator, Mars Ultor, Mars Victor

Stella Martis is ‘Star of Mars’, the Latin name for the planet itself; Mars Adsertor is Mars the Assistor, Mars Who restores liberty and freedom; Mars Conservator is Mars the Preserver, Who protects and defends; Mars Ultor is Mars the Avenger; and Mars Victor is He Who grants victory, to make sure this magic works, and works well. Yes, I included Mars Who Avenges, as the Work I am doing is about recovering from child abuse and I consider it a matter of justice.

I’ve inked up a Mars Magic Square on papyrus in red-brown ink (picture above), while chanting the ‘mantra’, during a planetary hour of Mars. It’s the same thing I’ll be doing for the charging part of the ritual, and is adapted from something in Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft.

I’ve also made a ‘rosary’ of beads (also above, on the magic square), alternating hematite (sacred to Mars, as it’s pretty much iron) and red amber, both of which have electric/magnetic properties. There are twenty-five of the larger beads in all (a number associated with Mars), which I’ll use to count out the mantras.

I wrote down the Mars planetary hours as well as the rising and setting times of Mars for each day in January in my new day planner, so they’re handy and I don’t have to look them up each time.

I acquired a two-inch disk of iron (well, steel, technically; it’s still greater than 98% iron, so I’m calling that good, especially given that it’s probably rather purer than anything a Renaissance ceremonial magician ever got his hands on) for the talisman itself.

I still have plenty of Mars incense left from the first go-around, which I made up of five ingredients (again, a number associated with Mars): dragon’s blood, ginger, cubeb berries, grains of paradise, and galengal root, all of which are associated with Mars.

Last night I made up some Mars oil. I don’t have many essential oils, so I made it up like I was making a flavored oil for cooking, with ginger, garlic, basil, paprika, and black pepper in grapeseed oil, again all herbs associated with Mars (and again five of them), and which made my kitchen smell like a fantastic Thai restaurant. (While I was at it I also candied a rather large amount of ginger, which, while not strictly part of this ritual, is sacred to Mars and represents power. I will be munching on it for some time as an energy booster.)

Today I went and bought some red nail polish and some red candles. I cleansed them in salt, then carved both the usual shield-and-spear symbol of Mars on them and the simple Mars sigil I retrieved last month. Then I rubbed them with the Mars oil, from top to bottom, because I am pulling down Mars energy to embodied me here on Earth.

I then cleansed the iron disk with smoke from some burning rosemary (I don’t think salt is a good thing to use on iron) and then used a sharpened matchstick to paint one side of the Mars talisman with the sigil for Invoking the fiery energy of Mars within (oneself) in balance. I didn’t get a photo of it yet. It’s got to dry overnight (I don’t trust nail polish/enamel to dry all that quickly), then I’ll do the other side tomorrow probably. I meant to do it during a Mars planetary hour, but I got my days mixed up (for some reason I thought it was Friday when it was Saturday! Don’t know if that’s an inauspicious beginning, but I’m not going to worry about it too much).

What I still have to do:

Paint the other side of the talisman with the magic square. I’m not sure whether I’ll anoint the talisman with the oil before or after I consecrate it. It will certainly have to be nice and dry first.

I plan to do the consecration ritual on New Year’s Eve, and start the charging rituals on New Year’s Day. I’ll post those when I get them all straightened out.


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