Today during one of the planetary hours of Mars I painted the magic square on the talisman in the red nail polish/enamel. As I did it I recited the ‘mantra’ of the five names of Mars, one repetition of the five names per number I painted.

I also made up a pretty version of the mantra on papyrus in the same red ink I used for the large paper magic square; I’m going to be doing this by candlelight and need something legible, which is why I made the papyrus magic square, since the one on the talisman itself is very small and rather dark.

That’s about it for the prepwork; I’ll get a photo of both sides of the disk itself when I’m sure it’s dry enough to flip over, probably tomorrow. It looks quite nice if I do say so.

I do still have to figure out exactly what I’m doing for the consecration ritual and get that sorted before Tuesday.


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