Here’s the step-by-step of what I did tonight.

I bathed beforehand; then I cast the circle &c and rubbed the talisman down with the oil, then passed it through the smoke of the Mars incense as I spoke the consecration. I didn’t add anything or improvise. After I said it, I alternated passing it through the smoke some more and holding it between my hands. After a time when I held it I could feel it throbbing so I considered it as a sign it was done, so I put it down and said It is done.

Before I closed the circle and thanked everyone I sat down for a little while contemplating the year past and the year ahead. This Mars talisman is only part of a much larger year-long working for me, one that involves Mars as well as fire. I thought about what I want to get done, and where I want to be looking back a year from now. After a while I started planning so closed the circle and came down here, where I can continue the planning in earnest.


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