I can not believe that 30 days has gone by so swiftly and been packed with so much to contemplate and work with! Once again, I want to thank Andrieh for providing this opportunity and the forum for demonstrating commitment to the challenge. I’ve done two of these now and I am sure I will do others.

So, today’s meditation truly was a wrap up. Rather than opening out any new insights, the Lady showed me, very precisely and with no uncertainty, that I have been provided the tools to change my life. She also showed me, very clearly, that, like the tools of the surgeon, I can help or harm with what has manifested in my life in the past few weeks (and, of course, before that in years of study and some practice). The task before me requires discernment but most of all it requires vision. I have to really decide how I want my life to be and then begin work not that. Inertia is for the weak **smile**

So I close this Challenge with a last repetition of the mantra I have been using: IA HEKA IO HO. The blessings of Hekate upon you all and may She remain ever present in my life.

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