Nornsby Ephy-Drow

by Ephy-Drow

I followed my ritual procedure tonight as I did last night; opening with an invocation, followed by cleansing, braiding the strands, and then closing when the second of the three strands was completed.

Tonight, now that I have my working space set up efficiently for the weaving of the braided chords, my mind focused more on the esoteric nature of divination. As I was weaving the three strands into a braid, I watched the work as it manifested — and it is a delicate thing. If the shed1 is too wide, the braid is very loose; if it is too narrow, the braid is too tight. That called to mind the importance of phrasing our questions in divination. The words of the question are the shed and the answers will reflect that. Just as I do not want my braid either too loose or too tight, I do not want my questions too broad or too narrow.

Then, I noticed the length of each strand. They stretched down to the floor and puddled there as I worked. The lines of fate run longer than we know, and there is only a short portion of the whole that we glimpse at one time. There will always be factors that are unknown — possibly unknowable — that will effect the threads of life. No one reading will be perfect, but a good reading will be a reliable reflection of the fabric of reality.

Which then got me to thinking of ‘As above, so below’. As I worked, the upper portion of the braid was reflected beneath the shed. Periodically, the work must stop so that those bound threads can be undone — carefully so as to avoid tangling — before the work can resume. It is a caution to me that when divining, be aware of reflections and directions. Things may or may not be as they seem, which spirals me nicely back to being careful of how I phrase my questions.

Tonight’s work gave me much food for thought, and I know that these questions will be fresh in my mind for some time to come. It was a wonderful evening of work.

1. Shed – the temporary separation between upper and lower yarns.

Written when the Moon is a Waning Crescent (3% illuminated) and in the House of Sagittarius (20°).

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