I began construction of my talismanic divination necklace tonight. I followed the ritual format and cleansed myself with sea water when called for, touching the area of my third eye, lips, throat, and heart. For cleansing with the flame and herb, I used a candle with eucalyptus leaves in the wax. Once my cleansing was completed, I began to get my materials ready.

The embroidery silks as they are unearthed from their dry salt bath.

As I gathered the materials for use, I sang:
“May Manannan grant me
A glimpse of the crane bag
A glimpse of the mysteries
In the bag of secrets.
A glimpse of the Apple Isle
And its cup of truth
The isles of the Otherworld
And the swine at its feast.
Rattle the silver bough
To laugh, cry or sleep
To lead me on my journey
And to bring me home.”

Once everything was ready, I placed the materials on my chosen altar decoration. It is a printout of the gorgeous work Celtic Flow by Joanne Taylor.

The materials resting on my chosen altar decoration.

Once I repeated the invocation above, I set to work. Taking the skeins, I measured out three arms’ lengths of the floss for each of the three colours I was working with for one braided strand. As I drew out each length, I repeated the invocation. I continued to chant as I worked, until the threads were knotted and ready for braiding. I held the knotted end in my mouth and braided the chord until I ran out of length. This took more time than I remembered it would take, and so I stopped with the first braided chord and closed the ritual.

I will repeat this again tomorrow night with the second braided chord.

I deliberately chose the measuring of three arms’ lengths with the three colours of each strand. It is 3×3, and a physical representation of the Ninth Wave of Gaelic lore. Each braided chord will be made of three colours and then those three chords will be braided together into the body of the necklace — again a physical manifestation of the Ninth Wave (3×3).

After I closed and grounded, I placed the materials on the altar decoration in a place where they will not be disturbed until I begin working again tomorrow night.

Written when the Moon is a Waning Crescent (8% illuminated) and in the House of Sagittarius (5°).

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