To Start the Challenge:

1) Log into the site with any social media account.

2) Email Andrieh at and say what your account is. This will give you access to the site after.



Then…make sure your browser is updated–> Click below links for instructions:

Google Chrome


Internet Explorer


How to Post

Youtube Tutorial:

1) Go to the Top Left corner and put your mouse cursor over the "30 Days of Magic". 

2) A drop down menu should appear, click "Dashboard".

3) On the left side bar, on the 5th item there is a tab called "Posts", click it. 

4) Arriving at a page called "Posts", near the Top Left Center (beside Posts title)- click "Add New"- to create a post.

New Post Button

Post Breakdown

New Post Writing Screen


Following the above steps…

Will take you to a post page or "Add New Post" page, the first rectangle is going be your title of the post that everyone will see. The Middle Square is the Content of your post (what you did for the challenge). 

Youtube Link to Add Photos/Images:

1) After writing your title/content..You may want to add pictures. Find an area in the content where you like to put the image by clicking that area. From here go above the "Font" Tab (which is just above the contents box) and click the square box with a mountain in it. This will open a pop up.

2) The pop up will say "Image Properties" and will automatically bring you into a rectangular box with URL as a title. To put a picture in here, you need to obtain a url image code. To get that..look for a picture you like online, then right click it..look for then click "copy image url". Coming back to the WordPress image box, paste it the rectangular box- and press the green tab below "OK".

3) If you want to upload your own image…follow steps 1, then click the tab "Upload", press "choose file". The image you have should be stored somewhere on your computer. From here, press the bottom green sqaure "OK".

* The other option is once you have written your post, click an area where you want the post then copy the image you want by right clicking then left clicking "copy image". From here, just right click where you want it in the paragraph and paste. This will pop open a box where you would have to repaste it. Click the Green OK sign. 

Finishing Off Your Post

1) Make sure you go to the far right sidebar , tag your post– so click the rectangle, from here enter the name of the talisman, entity, energywork etc. for the challenge your doing- then click add. After doing this one or twice with every post you add, WordPress will remember the tag once you start typing when that happens just click and add.

2) Progressing down the far right sidebar- go down to the "Categories" box and click one of the categories that your post is applicable to. The box should be checked after. 

3) Finally having done all that, go to the blue "Publish" icon, in between the Tags/Categories boxes. Now your done your post. Congrats!