( I don't know what your about to read but enjoy)

Well Today I went into do my laugh and had fun with it. I made/ saw my double and had a staring contest, then we grabbed each others beards. all of this led to great laughter. then after that melted away I went to a no thought state and just laughed. I still enjoy that one most though the double is a nice twist. I tried to to focus on having fun and smiling while I worked.

Has anyone tried that what did ya'll think?

Then I cleansed this time with this mind set the light flowed through me easily like a sieve and then at the end once full I felt with every breath an increased awareness in my body. Prep had a false start since I forgot that gate. I know it is odd but I am torn it helps keep things in control and focused… well more so then without. did the usual there played the song twice. thought the usual phrases about opening a present to myself from myself.  got the beads back on and started pulling energy.  Empowerment: I channeled the energy into the talisman as usual same words and such I find I like plainer words some times. 

Also does anyone have the issue of wanting to call upon every power you can name. but not wanting to for various reasons (ie: makes the spell/caster more unfocused. Don't know how they will flavor the talisman. and how do you keep something yours if it is made from all these different forces.? 

The energy went in fine but I had to repeat that song too. Also I did remember to think and focus on what life would be like once the talisman is done. and also during the intent I thought it was too much but then I saw that it was really just two ideas intertwined around each other. and all the details were like petals on a flower. After that I thanked all that helped and wrapped it up and then once that was done I had a good laugh and now I am here.

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