Under the wire yet again.

I need to find a book on using the power of your birthday. (though I do know about and used the wish)

So I did my laughter and tonight I actually reached for my state I use for zen meditation and then laughed from there it is like an idea of moving stillness. Then I remembered laughter is one of the few things that is it's own opposite perfect for the void. Also during this laugh I had a minor slip as my mind wondered and also there was an idea happy birthday, that this (the talisman) was a present to myself." then " I reach through time and space for this present." Next I did my clearing though this time the breathing was like trying to blow up a balloon. Each breath out I felt my mind shift more outward. Worked though that as usual it was rather powerful. Right as the song ended I was out of breath and needed to breathe. Prep I activated my ring and necklace unwrapped my present and then donned my beads The new Idea of channeling my birthday energy into the talisman mad the focus different. Once the empowerment started. it went as usual till a small hick-up. in the visualization  I use I wrap the talisman in wire to create a chaos star. {sarcasm ahead} Thanks to a wonderful book I am reading my worst feelings over binding things or being bound are right there on the surface. So I worry that I am binding the power to this talisman in a way that inhibits it's ability. So I reverse the visualization and as it is done I get the Idea release me. at this my mind stops and says no. you were never bound to need releasing these are not bindings and the wire re wraps back into the pattern I use. I have a discussion with myself for a moment over this and re affirm that these are not binds. ( I had a great phrase I hope it comes to me) I restart the empower music as it has now stopped. and empower it more, I use the usual words of intent and then I say " This is a present I give myself. I send it through time and space that I will always have it. Then I see a lil montage of my life and realize how much magic has always been there. Then I say A twist on the usual words "This is the flower that i grow I pick it I enjoy it I deserve it" with that I pick up the talisman and blow on it 29 times the image as I blow is that the wind scours/ burns/reveals the shape in the wood that i want to come forth. After that I called upon the octarine power as my mage self and watched that leap into it like lightning I could see with my eyes closed. Then I cleaned up, thanked those that helped and laughed it clear

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