WOW and that makes me tempted to be late more often.

Tonight is the eve of my birthday. great time for Octarine magic. I did my laughter as usual but this Time I started out almost crying, well crying internally you know as one does when you can't make a sound. Just had some negative energy that needed to be banished though the crying felt Zen like anyways after a lil bit and the Santa sanctuary tech {Also I saw my body or something that looked like tinsel or shiny multi colored static.} I was back though this time the laughter was more manic and each laugh was like an explosion going off and after a while that's what they became it was like everything my mental self touch erupted in laughter. It wasn't bad it was actually cool just very chaotic. then I cleansed that went good with out a hitch more self talk tonight in general. then the prep I opened the present of my talisman and then put on the beads and evoked the power of my necklace and ring that I had on (I wear them everyday but this is the first time I left them on for this. I also called upon the eve of my birth. Next I empowered it. the words were the same. had a moment where the talisman showed me how large it could get. it was easily planetary if not universal. After that it shrank back as more energy filled it I opened a gate a different way and the energy was not the same if there at all. Tonight went longer in the power meant as I claimed my power and pushed that in there suddenly my mind went scrambling for different types of magic and by the fourth or fifth I stopped it and ripped them off it and sliced through them till i saw my true spark of my own magic and holing on to that I funneled more power into the talisman. then is sealed up and I wrapped it up cleaned, thanked, and laughed a lil. I also drank some water charged for grounding and thanks.

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