Argh doing this is tough when you have to be on others schedules. Ok so I was a bit slippery minded with it being so late. I laughed and cleansed as usual just had to keep steering my mind back. Once it was done there I felt a lil trippy as I went into prep This time I had remembered a phrase that meant a lot to me from my childhood. "Unlock the Power Within" Also I put on my beads and activated them then opened the gate. It was like I had energy arcing along the beads. I was Hyper aware of them. Then on to the empowerment; Something is clicking I did the usual intent but the power was surging did the visualize and then the sphere around the talisman jumped out. I felt more power but nothing else I couldn't tell if it was me or the talisman as octarine energy swirled around us. Next I reaffirmed it's purpose and I sent all the remaining energy within it. After that I cleaned up thanked and put it all away  and had a good laugh.

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