It was certainly a long day today with the holiday but I finally sat down and cast the circle &c. I'm not sure how much to say about tonight. Before I even counted down into trance I could see my daimon/invisible husband very clearly, because I'd just watched something with the guy he looks like in it and before I knew he was dragging me along after him running full speed to the Tree, down to the beach, across the sand to the Temple and then inside down the corridors to the Mars room.

I won't go into what we did, but I'll say it's appropriate to Mars. You can guess.

Afterwards we lay there and I contemplated the talisman work I'm doing. It doesn't feel quite me. I thought what I came up with would work but it doesn't really feel me enough. So I thought about what connecting to Mars planetary energy would look like, what sort of forms/ideas that could take. I thought of electrical connectors, how there's a male and a female (hur hur, yeah) and then I remembered how there are these rituals you can do when you want to separate yourself from someone's energy and you imagine unplugging or cutting cords. I don't see why that wouldn't work in reverse. It'll need some finessing (like something to step down the voltage and a dial I can adjust) but it was a bit of an a-HA! moment for me.

At the end I snapped out of trance, like I was suddenly sitting there with my eyes wide open, and went and tied some red thread to the talisman, this time for (of course) sexual energy.


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