I had a decent chunk of time and more importantly the frame of mind to sit down and properly journey tonight. I started with the usual circle, calling on the elementals by the names I've got for them, invoking above, below, left and right with myself in the center. I lit the candles and the charcoal to burn the incense I prepared (I've been using other incense the last few nights because the charcoal takes a very long time to burn out and I can't leave it there because I've got cats), then read my invocation to Mars.

I put on some (very very mild) flying ointment and sat down with the talisman, doing a round of the pranayama right nostril breathing (which I also did last night and I think I forgot to mention it). This time, though I wanted to go to the Mars room in my Inner Temple and spend some time there poking into corners and such. I was having a tricky time meditating, though and was starting to think I wasn't going to be able to manage it (I just kept getting distracted and my brain on the wrong track). I was sort of half there in the red room but it felt sort of shallow.

But then my daimon (who is usually guiding me on these journeys) asked me to simply describe it to him (not like he wasn't there with me). So I did, and the more I looked around at things and described it to him (the little circular hallway with the orrery has an inlaid floor with a seven pointed star, which is kind of funny because there are actually eight doors, the seven planetary rooms and the way you come in) the clearer it became. So we went in the room, and I kept describing it.

It's a lot of detail I won't go into now, including a little tour of the garden outside; then we came back in and I sat down on the semicircular red bench by the door to the hall. There is a bookshelf behind it, also curved; the whole thing looks either carved out of the living rock or made of adobe or cob, the walls being very thick and non-rectangular.

So really I just wanted to hang out and get a better feel for the place (and hence the Mars energy). I started looking at the books, all about Mars. One was called Mars of the Celts and another was all symbols down its spine, in gold on red leather. (There were others too but I don't remember them off the top of my head). I pulled down the symbol book and looked through it.

It was ALL sigils and symbols of Mars, with explanations and uses besides them. There was a whole chapter devoted to the symbols to use when Mars was in each zodiac sign (like Mars in Aries, Mars in Gemini, &c), another devoted to ayervedic astrology (which I know next to nothing about), others on various historical symbols representing Mars (like the name of is it Nergal, the Babylonian God?), two fairly thick chapters in the back devoted to Phobos and Deimos, the moons/sons of Mars and their use. There was also a chapter called 'Mars the Healer' that was the one I was most interested in. So I looked at that with the intention of finding one to connect with Mars planetary energy in a balanced and healthy manner, letting the waters sort of clear (that's probably the best way to describe how I 'see' things like sigils. Just let it come into focus, and don't push it).

It was kind of hard to make out because the sigil I was looking at had a lot of different elements to it. But then I saw how they were laid out.

There was the first sign, just the sign of Mars. A vertical line with a base with two cross-pieces towards the top. It looked sort of like a telephone pole with a horizon line. Each line had the little circles at the ends, which is a bit odd for me because the sigils I usually see aren't in that style at all. But I suppose it is traditional. I thought it vaguely looked like a pine tree, maybe, though not really very much. The two cross pieces at the top were too near the top. I don't know if pine trees are sacred to Mars? Maybe an umbrella pine?

That symbol in a circle, with the base outside the circle, was for connecting with Mars, the circle being the self, with the base outside to show origins outside the person.

In a circle with a triangle is connecting with the fiery aspect of Mars; with another symbol added, that of well I can't describe it let's see about ascii-ing it, o–u—u–o it's the pans of the balance for connecting with the fiery aspect of Mars in balance. The instructions with that one were to draw it on red on the solar plexis and to also draw the more common shield and spear symbol over the heart, to align it with the heart's true intent. Which I did, in Sharpie, and don't judge me it's what I had.

Flipping through that book was fascinating; one could spend an entire lifetime deciphering, transcribing, and putting those sigils/symbols into practice. When I said that to my daimon, he said, "Well you are an Aries." Now I'm not sure I'm going to devote my life to this but that is interesting, and I'd like to look at that book some more.

When I was done I tied some red thread onto the talisman, to symbolize 'connection'.


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