I probably left this till way too late tonight, but eventually I did sit down with the talisman, after lighting the candles and casting a little circle where I called on the elementals who are known to me. But I was tired and cold and I had a hard time getting anywhere. It took me a while to remember that when I am cold I tend to just shut down (it is genuinely triggering from my experiences as a child growing up in a house that was kept too cold, and I mean see-your-breath-inside cold).

But I did try. I was not feeling up to doing the pranayama right nostril breathing but my daimon/Invisible Husband did insist, so I did it anyway, because he's usually right. I tried then to go into trance a bit but I was having a very hard time, though I could certainly see my daimon just fine. I couldn't really picture the red room and after a while I had to acknowledge it probably wasn't going to happen tonight.

And then my daimon pulled a red thread and handed it to me. "Tie this to the talisman," he said. I asked what it was. "Warmth, Girl."


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