4 days to go and I feel like I have covered a thousand miles . . . or been dragged kicking and screaming behind the horse *smile*

It is funny; looking back over the posts, it seems like they get shorter and shorter, the longer I do the work. This is not because I do not have anything to say; it is because the energy of the work is such that there are almost no words to describe what is going on. I become a functional mute simply because trying to describe what I am thinking/feeling/experiencing is like trying to describe a whale to a man who has been blind since birth (I actually had this experience when I was in university – I suggest it to anyone who thinks they have a good grasp of what something is).

The primary thing that I can say is this: the work on this mala, the daily contact with Hekate, has pulled up a bunch of s*** and simply burned it away. I did not suddenly gain enlightenment but I feel a whole lot lighter than I did when I started this trip.

Current student with SOL and interested in darn near everything.

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