Very simply, today I came to a much greater understanding of what it really means to be magic. I have been so immersed in the creation of this talisman and in my developing relationship with the Goddess that I sort of missed the forest for the trees.

She is moving me past the “magic to get stuff” place and even the “magic to learn stuff” place and into the understanding of “magical responsibility”. I have, both in and out of meditation and ritual, had it shown to me that I truly do have the power to alter the course of my life and that there is no place for careless thoughts and words when one takes hold of that power and it begins to manifest in the life.

I am having one of those profound “cosmic clue by four” days where I am really “grokking” things that I have been giving lip service to for years. Uncomfortable? Hell, yes. But also awesome in the most profound sense of the word.

Later . . . I see now that this is the process that Jason Miller speaks of in the invocation of Hekate from the Hallows ritual that I used to begin this Challenge. He talks about Hekate incinerating and reducing to dust anything that perpetuates illusion, that clouds my clarity or that intends obstruction or harm. This whole Challenge has been about that process and the clarity is beginning to peep through.

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