More vision experience.

Today, as I slipped into meditation, I saw the central fire burning in the temple and I could see, as well, spiraling currents of energy flowing in and out of that central flame – the energies of creation and destruction. My vision turned within and I could see my own central flame and those same energies swirling through my life.

It is not a question of “will you change” or “can you change” or even “how will you change” it is a question of “will you ride the change or let it ride you”?

Also interesting, as the meditation was coming to an end, I hear voice a chanting “bone of my bone, flesh of my flesh, blood of my blood” low in the background. Not sure who the voice belonged to but I was aware, again, of Her “minions” all around me.

Another interesting thing: the mala is definitely gaining a charge. I picked it up today and felt the energy in it immediately.

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