I am not sure if this is a strange side effect of all the work I am doing or what, but electrical objects seem to be going kaboom around me lately. Last night, one of the house thermostats blew up (almost literally – scorch marks on the wall) and today, when my spouse was moving computers around, the power supply for a computer that worked perfectly on Sunday just quit. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I am not a big believer in that word.

The other interesting thing . . . on Monday night, I might have seen an apparition as I walked to my karate class. What appeared to be a robed, hooded figure stood in the shadows at the entrance to a bridge that I had to pass over. One minute it was there, quite solid and seeming to appear to my physical eyes, I looked away and it was gone. Unless I encountered a robed Spiderman, it had to be a spook. Even more interesting . . . I got an email the next day letting me know that an acquaintance that I had done some magical work with had died. More coincidence? I’m thinking not.

It took me a half a mala to get into the swing of things tonight but once I did, I really did. I got pretty deep and had a very clear vision of Her sitting on a stone throne. This is difficult to describe but the vision had impact. It was a feeling similar to one that I got some time ago when I walked into an Egyptian exhibit at a museum and encountered a 12 foot high statue of Sekhmet. I nearly prostrated myself right there in the museum. No urge to prostrate myself tonight but I knew I was in the presence of a Power.

After that brief glimpse, I felt the spirits swirling around me. A voice said, very distinctly, “Take the teachings”. At the same time that I heard this, I saw Her again with the mala wrapped around her wrist. I stated clearly that I accepted whatever teaching She and Her followers wanted to give me.

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