(Portions of the vision in this post come from work with RJ Stewart’s Underworld visualizations)

Tonight, as I entered the meditation portion of the Work, I found myself descending, following a tunnel carved into the earth that led down in a spiral to the right. I carried a torch in my hand and could feel the rough hewn surface of the rock as I made my way carefully down.

I emerged into a chamber deep within the earth and stood by a pool of clear water. A small path led up to a niche (in the Stewart version of this vision, the Hidden Goddess in the Underworld is standing in that niche) but I felt no urge to ascend to that little alcove. Instead I waited and, as I half expected, the Lady appeared beside me. I saw in my mind’s eye that, when I ascended, I was to take the energy of this place back up into the temple that I have spoken of in previous posts.

The goddess looked at me closely. There is a section of the vision that was intensely personal but involved a profound healing and gift of a stone which looked like a light colored emerald. When I returned to the temple, after ascending out of the underground chamber, I noticed that the central fire in the temple was burning the same shade of green as the stone that I had been given. I spent the rest of the meditation simply absorbing all that had passed and letting the energy settle before returning to normal consciousness.

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