Pretty profound meditation today divided into three sections (one section for each set of mantra recitations).

Section one – vision of Hekate. Seemed to be in the Empyrean realm again, on a rectangular pedestal floating in a sea of pearly opalescence. At each corner of the pedestal sat creatures that looked like they might be the Four Holy Living Creatures but I could not see them clearly. The Lady was seated calmly on a throne at the exact middle of the rectangle.

Section two – vision of a temple of Hekate in the forest. Something like the Parthenon, only much smaller, very simple with Her fire burning in the exact center of the temple. I saw no attendants other than myself; the fire seemed to be composed of a series of torches placed carefully in a container.

Section three – vision of sitting, meditating on the flames. Oddly, my mind kept drifting and then coming back to look further into the fire. The flames seemed to me to be tinged with blues and purples.

More to come as I unwind all this but had to get these notes down before the meditation slipped away.

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