It seems that every day I do this something different happens.

Today seemed to be all about energy. As I started the invocation, I felt the tingling course of energy running down my arms and into my hands. Of course, it helped that, looking out the window in my little niche, I could see the 3/4 moon rising in the clear sky to the east.

As I began the mantras, I had the clear impression of the Lady standing there shoulder to shoulder with me, the energy flowing smoothly down my arm and into the crystalline structure of the mala. As I repeated the mantra, it seemed that my inner vision cycled through various aspects of the goddess, both in Her underworld and in her more Empyrean aspects. All of that energy flowed through me and into the mala so today seemed to be all about specifically doing what I set out to do initially – create a talisman which bore the energy of Hekate.

Interesting side note: I feel very much that the goddess is handling me with kid gloves. The energy in these meditations may cause some emotional reactions (tears, for example) but at no time do I feel overwhelmed. Still, I have the feeling that the energy is slowly ramping up. I am betting that I will look back on this challenge and recognize that I truly have been doing some magical weight lifting here and that those muscles are getting stronger.

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