Again, the magic is reaching into my every day life (which is exactly my aim in doing these challenges). Mostly, it is simply an awareness of the Way that I have opened and that awareness makes it just a little easier to let things go or to call people on their BS and then be done with it.

I begin to see, too, how invocation and meditative work go hand in hand. After the deep emotion and energy of the call, we need to quiet down so we can actually hear, see and speak to what we have invoked. Today, I found myself on the sere plain again, next to what I think of as the lightning struck tree, looking out at the way (happiness) that I have opened. I could hear Her voice telling me that, now that the way was open, I needed to walk it. Did I have the courage? Would I be willing to change?

I started to walk in the vision. Yes, I would. And suddenly, I found myself standing between those two torches, repeating the mantra, aware that I was calling parts of myself that were long lost home. This is not a one shot deal; this will be ongoing. I am good with that.

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