Nov. 5, 2013 – Yay, finally catching up with my journalling.  Standing pose, eight set brocade, and sitting down to meditate with ancestors.   Beginning to notice that  the focus on the third eye is also connected with the back of the head  at the base of the brain and top of the head.  Perhaps its the path of which breathe and energy travel up the spine and into the brain.  Noticing that my head  seems tohave a settle feeling of throbbing.    Feeling more energetic and able to get  in the eight set brocade. 

To continue on the path of being able to be grounded more with people.  I'm also noticing I'm much more able to take on those that have a strong opinion and personality while not feeling pressure on myself.  I am much more patient and open minded allowing me to have conversations with people I may not like very much. 

Meditating with Tarot and ancestors. 

My neck on the right side feels a little off.   It seems like the muscles a bit more tense than on the other side, almost a bit swollen.  May need to work on some relaxation work.


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