Technically, this happened after sunset. I was sick today, and just could not physically chant until after 6. With the time change, it was dark by 5:30.

I finally bought new lighters (yay me!) as lighting all 9 candles plus the charcoal was hard with both lighters almost out. The tea tasted better than usual tonight. Not sure why.

Salt lines were broken again.

I got about 10 minutes into ritual, and my dad came to the door. I’m sure he could hear that I was chanting and see me sitting there with the candles lit, but he knocked anyways, probably purposefully to disturb my practice.

I’m calling it for the day.

Officially, the traditional 7 day uncrossing is over, but I don’t feel any different. I certainly didn’t have the dramatic change I did last time. Very glad that I am going for 30.

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