It feels really weird doing this ritual during the daytime. There’s just something about doing ritual at night, by candlelight, something, I dunno, magic? It puts me in a slightly altered state, especially during the dark half of the year. But, I continue to be beyond exhausted by the end of the day. Last night I slept for 12 hours straight on the futon, falling asleep to Supernatural. So, daytime ritual it is!

This is the first day that the salt lines were not broken. I’m usually really good at picking up when unsavoury spirits are around. They have a certain smell to them. But I’ve lived here for four and a half months and have picked up nothing.

The charcoal wouldn’t light, and when it finally did, I forgot that the abre camino oil did not have a dropper top, so I poured half the thing on the charcoal. I guess doors will REALLY be opened!

Chanting was a little tough. I’m sick, and the smoke from the incense wafting straight into my lungs made e cough more. Instead, I got a chair, and sat down for the ritual. This actually worked way better, and helped me focus more.

I FINALLY have the day shift starting Friday, meaning I can book more tarot readings and parties in the evenings, meaning I can bring in more money. Booked an event on the 15th (AWESOME!).

Last night I had a really powerful NET session. We discussed how many of my attachment/ bonding/ safety issues stem from being a colicky infant. My chiropractor recommended doing some work to care for that inner child. I thought back to a ritual I did in Toronto over the summer with Z. He just happens to be hosting the event again Nov 17th. I work that day. I can book it off, but to fund the trip, I’ll have to book an event in Toronto. Better get on that.

But yeah, 6 days in, and things are improving, but I don’t feel like 7 days is enough. 30 feels right. Here’s the thing… if I go to Toronto for a weekend, how do I do ritual? The altar I use for this typically has to be undisturbed while in process. Do I just pack a portable altar? Anywhere where I would be staying would be totally tolerant if I told them that I needed to go to the bathroom for a half hour and do ritual. Most of my friends in Toronto are either Pagan or Pagan friendly. But yeah, salt lines will be totally broken, candles will be re-arranged and re-annointed, and incense in the bathroom may be a pain. But also, I can’t stay chained to the house for 30 days. Not sure how to pull this off.

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