Last night I was even more tired than the night before. I came home so exhausted I was having hallucinations. My salt lines were broken again. If this was a 7 day ritual, I probably would have just started over again tomorrow. But, I’m no quitter.

There was no tea. There was no incense. I stood there, wreaking of urine (not mine), lit the candles, and began to chant. I was forcing the words out. I managed about 6 and a half minutes before I fell asleep upright chanting. I called it at that point.

But, I showed up. Six and a half minutes was my very best.

This morning I am sick. It’s been brewing for a few days. Really, since I started this ritual. I can’t be sick. Meaning I can’t call in sick and I can’t go to work sick. My only choice is to medicate, not tell the boss, and go forward.

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