After being up until 3am with ritual the night before, and working a 9 hour shift, I was just exhausted! I had to force myself to participate in ritual. Again, everything was set up already. I noticed some holes in my salt circle, which was weird, so I filled them in before starting.

Was able to focus for about 8 minutes, then was half asleep, half chanting. Altered state of consciousness, right?

I started thinking back to the 30 days with Manannan, and how it really took a while to really connect, and this was pretty well true across the board with others in the entity challenge. I am contacting Michael, and it may take a bit to really feel this and get going.

It also dawned on my how hard 7 days was the first time I did this, and now, after doing 30 before, how easy 7 days would be as I am almost half way through a week.

I didn’t get to sleep until almost 2, but it’s Sleep-In Eve! (ie we turn the clocks back). I’m working 12 hours the next day, so hopefully I’ll be well rested in time for ritual.

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