I’m chronicling this a few days behind, as this was actually started Thursday night. The actual details of the ritual are courtesy of Andrieh Vitimus. I won’t be releasing the details, just talking about the process.

I did the 7 day version of this ritual a little over two years ago. My life was bad, I mean really bad at that point. I mean, it would seem one day that life could not get any worse, then the next day, it would, and the next day, and the next day. There was no joy, no quality. Everything I touched turned to shit, and it was looking like the only way to make things better was to end it. I was crossed. And I needed to do something about it. Two years ago, this ritual literally saved my life.

Now, a crossing isn’t a curse, per se. It’s like falling into a pit of negative quicksand. The more you fight, the deeper you go. These sorts of things can act like spiritually transmitted diseases, and can go from one person to another.

Somehow, about 6 months ago, things started to go bad again. I just couldn’t catch a break. It wasn’t as bad as it was two years ago, but things were headed that way. Maybe I was spiraling down on my own. Maybe I was hanging around other crossed people and not protecting myself. Maybe I was giving readings without banishing. Maybe 2 years ago, 7 days was not enough. Uncrossings are like anti-biotics. You need to do the full round, or it’s useless. So, this time around, I’m doing 30 days.

I started this on Hallowe’en night. I’d been putting it off for a while. Part of being crossed is resisting getting out of it. There is some sort of sick comfort in remaining there.

Firstly, I needed supplies. I had most of the herbs on hand, but needed an oil. Luckily, the local magic shop had two drams on hand. I purchased them and set up an altar on my kitchen island. This may get awkward as I have two roommates (one of them only 6 years old) moving in next week. They are pagan, but I have been doing this ritual at 11-12ish each night. I’d prefer to not move the altar to the basement.

My long time friend C popped over for a visit while I was preparing herbs. I was kinda a rude host because I was so excited about preparing the blend. I mostly used the herbs Andrieh had originally recommended, but I felt the need to add cinnamon to the blend, so I did. I also added a few drops of Abre Camino oil to the incense. It just felt right.

C left, and I started ritual. I was really good at staying focused for about the first 12 minutes, then my mind started to wander. I haven’t been meditating as much as I should lately, and it’s certainly a stamina skill, like most exercises. I’m sure I will be stronger by the end of the 30 days.

The next day I had a meeting with my boss. Things had not been going well at work. I was not getting near enough hours at a very meager pay to survive, but I was working evenings and weekends, so I could not make more money reading tarot. I had no social life, and was benign consumed by work. I have been denied day hours since day 1 at this job. I’ve only been with the company for 5 weeks, so I’m not in a position to throw weight around.

My boss and I were able to come to an understanding. As soon as they are able to hire someone to replace me, I will be moved to midnights. This is actually a best case scenario. Working midnights means working in 1 house for an 8 hour shift, instead of putting 300km a day on my car to work 10 hours. If the client is sleeping, I get to read a book, write on my laptop, do homework, surf the internet, watch movies, etc. This will also be much easier on my back. But, if I fall asleep, I am fired on the spot.

Overall, after 1 day, the work situation already looks good!

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