The energy's been flowing well these last few days. What I've been trying to do is keep myself focused and, for lack of a better word, interested in the chakra meditation and Middle Pillar ritual, so that I wouldn't burn out. Doing something everyday for almost a month straight can be exhausting if it becomes routine, but every session I've had — the good and the bad — has taught me something not just about how the energy flows through my body or how the little tricks and whatnot to make each practice better, but also about myself. The overflow to my other practices has also been nice. My banishings and invocations and mantras and all that, they've gotten so much strong and more vivid. And I've been careful not to restrict my energy work to just the meditation and MPR, but to do stuff during the day. I heard that Israel Regardie used to do the MPR on his way to the bus, so, as I walk almost everywhere anyhow, I've practiced the ritual that way. I've practiced mantras, focusing particularly on projecting the sound from my heart chakra, while doing mundane things that I'd otherwise die of boredom in. This has been a fun month so far, so as I prepare to wrap up tomorrow I've been thinking about what is next. The energy work doesn't stop because the challenge is over, so I'm considering doing Andrieh's regimen from Hands-On Chaos Magic for next month. I'm going to stop with the chakra meditation, but still hold onto the Middle Pillar ritual. Things are just getting started for me, which is an exciting feeling.


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