Yes, last night was weird. I had a raft of odd dreams — the main focus seems to have been blind rage — but I breathed through them. It was weird. Or Wyrd — sometimes it's hard to tell the difference. I do remember, though, waking up at 3 am (classic witching hour) and realising that the energy of these dreams wasn't all mine. My first thought was to send it packing back to its source, but then thought 'why waste free energy?' and worked on transforming it for my own use.

This is not meant as false flattery or cozening up to anyone, but I was able to transform the energy more easily than I might have been able to thanks to all of the discussions I have listened to on Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole. I've taken banishing ideas and made them my own — as every good (as in competence, not disposition *grin*) witch will do. Lately, Sekhmet has chosen to work with me again1, so I surrounded myself in a pyramid of solar light. After that was well established, I began to pull the angry energy through the light to be burnt away laving only raw energy behind for me to claim and use.

I did my morning energy work and breathing in the garden again this morning. It is a glorious autumn day and after six days of rain, it was a joy to be back outside in the crisp air. It was a bit hard to find stillness at first; the excitement of reaching 30 days kept my thoughts chattering about posting my progress and what I've learnt so far (which will probably be posted later today), so I just opened my eyes to watch the clouds drifting by until everything quieted down and I could begin.

Written when the Moon is Waxing Gibbous with 79% illumination and in the House of Aquarius (27°). The Sun rose at 7:15 and will set at 18:30. The Moon set at 2:32 and will rise  at 13:55.


1. In my experience, it is the Lion-headed Lady that chooses to work with us and not we who choose to work with her. So far, I've not had reason to question this and the lessons She imparts have always served me well.


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