Finished the challenge today. Despite the annoying cold I seemed to have caught this week, I feel tremendous. Clear headed, energized. This energy challenge occurred during a big change in my life, and though I could have gotten through it all without it I was fortunate to have come across it when I did. It felt like my spirit — or whatever you want to call it — was a bit weak when I began 30 days ago. I was at a spiritual low point and took on this challenge as a way to spice up my spiritual and magical work. It seems to have done the trick. I'm eager to apply all the things I've learned and felt during this challenge to the new things I want to try out soon, as I feel that I've made some good advances in the right direction. 

Something interesting is the focus I've put on the heart chakra and sphere. I feel a strong desire to work on this part of me before I proceed to other things. It's like my heart chakra has been blocked for so long and has just started to open up. Right now it's barely open, but I want to have full blown love coming out of it. So this will be my new focus for a little while, a long with the other things I plan on doing now that I'm through with the challenge. Aside from some standard rituals, I've never focused too much on energy work. Now I'm glad I have.


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