Oct 21, 2013 – I never quite got it when Zach says his body is craving this and that.  I've been doing more physical qigong and its seriously making me hungry.  Noticing that I"m keeping better posture and more aware of it during the day.  The kink in the left arm is moving slowly but I did a little bit of gua sha to help release some of the tension and it seems to have helped improve the flow of qi.  Trying to do at least 30 minutes of  standing form before doing the eight set brocade.  I'm beginning to see how you can end up doing hours of qigong in a day.  I find myself going at a faster pace than what I would like.  Realizing if I were to go into high reps at a pace slower than usual, it can easily  run over 2 hours of practice time. 


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