I have no idea what happened — no, not true. It’s Friday after a long week.

I fell asleep again this morning doing my breathing before I could get to the Rising Light Below. I thought to try again after work today, and once again began to doze off as I counted down on the counted breaths. I stopped and asked myself what this could mean, and immediately knew that it meant I was tired. For a half a second I thought to try the ‘Fire’ Qi Gong that is on my DVD, but as it is energising I knew that would be bad. I don’t want to wreck my sleep cycle.

Instead, I settled into silence and rested there just focusing on my breathing. After a few minutes, I did the Triple Soul Alignment and the Rising light Below. I’m good with this and will be settling down with some knitting before resuming my normal energy work schedule tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is a new day.

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